Thursday, August 04, 2011

Milk teeth

Jo2 lost his very first milk tooth today while eating orange. It's the lower central incisor which has been shaking for the past 2 weeks. He kept asking me when will it fall, and my guess was correct as I told him around early Aug. Though he wasn't very keen to brush his teeth everyday b'coz he doesn't like the smell of the toothpaste. Lucky for him that I didn't spot any tooth decay yet as compared to his peers.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ballet examnination - Grade 3

I registered Jo1 for the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet examination for grade 3 in November 2010. This is the 5th ballet exam for her as she has been started to learn ballet in Sept 2005.
The exam fees for Grade 3 is RM152+RM8 for CD, monthly fees for 2 hours/week is RM119 as the teacher said an hour of practice per week is not enough, so parents need to pay extra for the extra lessons.
As usual, we had pre-examination preview a week b4 the exam.
Now that the exam is over, and this will be her last ballet exam as well. We have yet to know the results but we decided to give it a quit (not our will) coz she hurt her ankle.
So glad that she said the pain is gone after 1 month of resting.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Annual Concert & Graduation nite 2010 - Rainbow

Rainbow ..........
the promise of good things to come......

Happiness is in a rainbow
Painted across the sky
Colors sparkling and shinning
As the clouds go drifting by

Red is the roses growing in the garden
Orange is for the leaves in autumn
Yellow is for the sun shinning upon the trees
Green is for the grasses growing in the meadow

Blue is for the sky up above
Purple is for the violets hiding in the shadows
Follow your rainbows
And maybe you will find
A pot of gold
With all your dreams inside

Annual Concert & Graduation nite 2010 - Part 2

凤阳花鼓(Flower drum song) by K2 (PM) - boys only

新僵舞 -卬起你的盖头來 (XingJiang dance) by K2(PM) - girls only

Tik Tok -cheerleaders by N2

Ali Baba by K1

Nobody by N1

Vaya Mapillay (Indian dance) by N2

The Warriors by K2 (AM) - boys only

古典美人(The Chinese beauties) by K2(AM) - girls only


Annual Concert & Graduation nite 2010 - Part 1

Concert theme: Rainbow (the promise of good things to come)
Venue: Wawasan Open University (WOU)
Date: 21 Nov, 2010
Time: 5-7pm

It was almost 4pm, but Jo2 still insist not to put on make-up...

while waiting to go on stage (from left: Jo2, Sue-Ann, Anthony & Jocelyn)

we were there an hour b4 the concert starts, Jo1's face was so sour after the long wait.

K2 graduates received their scroll from the principals

The Rainbow begins...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My little graduates 2010 - Photo session

Photo session for K2 2010
Date: 22 Sept
Venue: school
Attire: long sleeve white shirt, black pants and white sport shoes
Photographer : Imacolor

been rehearse with him on how to SMILE probably....

STILL, this is what I get.

He is so unwilling to pose for me to take photo




AND the outcome...

for individual

The graduating Class of 2010

Jo2 is stading in 2nd row, first boy from right.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Family day out

On a fine sunny Sunday afternoon, we headed to PSC.

Right after shower...

want to have lunch @ The Captain Restaurant

while waiting for our food to come...

a good chance to take photos since the restaurant is located on 14th floor

right after lunch, we joined the opening ceremony of the library @ PSC.

my little cheeky boy

This is how "manja-ing" whenever papa2jojo is around.

My kids really like the books @ the newly opened library. We spent almost 2 hours there. Jo1 searching for fairy tales book while Jo2 loved to read books about animals, insects and dinosaurs!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy 6th B'day to Jo2 - Part 2

I remembered on the 7 Sept, the first thing he asked me was
Jo2:"mommy, what date is today?"
Me:"it's 7 of Sept."
Jo2:"means my b'day will be 1 month away from today, right? mommy!"
Me:"yes, dear."

So, I supposed from that day onwards, he has been spreading the news that his b'day is coming soon in school.

7 Oct, 2010 - my baby Jo2 turned 6 years old today. He has been looking forward to this day since last month. So, can imagine how excited and happy he is.

The moment I entered the school, I saw his friends line up in 2 rows at the tv area. I was very touch to see some of his friends actually make b'day cards(self create with drawing & wordings), and some gave him stickers.

no doubt, he is still a big fans of dinosaur

the b'day boy is making a wish or dreaming??? LOL

As for this year, I ordered a b'day mug for his friends and teachers as a souvenir. Not forgetting Jo1 as well.

front view

I came out with this idea a week b4 his b'day, and very satisfied with the outcome as the souvenir shop owner rushed up for me in 5 days time and did the artwork for me at no cost.

back view with school logo.

TQ everyone for making my boy so happy on his big day, also red packet from grandparents & present from big kor-kor & jiejie.

Happy 6th B'day to Jo2-Part 1

yummy cake

1 Oct 2010, celebrated Jo2's b'day at my parents' place (follow the lunar calendar). It was juz a simple celebration with family, and we had cake, pizza, mee-suah soup & red eggs.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our new addition to the family - Part 2

It's been 10 days now, Daisy is indeed very active turtle but not T-Rex. Most of the time, T-Rex is hiding inside the shell, and not moving at all. I guess he is still not adapted to this new environment. Both don't like turtle sticks nor bread, and I am kind of worried how long they can survive without food.

So, my kids hired a "guardian" to look after their "pets" while we are away during day time.