Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lost 3 kg in 4 days

Yoohoo!! I have something to shout about. I lost 3 kg since Monday. Actually I just want to share something that I personally tested and really take effect. Here's the recipe:

Day1 Breakfast - Pineapple (hint: drink warm water first)
Lunch - Papaya
Dinner - Pineapple

Day2 Breakfast - Watermelon
Lunch - Watermelon
Dinner - Watermelon

Day3 Breakfast - Prune
Lunch - Strawberry
Dinner - Salad (green vegetables) / bakes potato

Day4 Breakfast - Grape
Lunch - Grape
Dinner - Grape

Note: there's not limit on intake amount. Take as many as you want, no hunger...
I think it's good for health to eat like this once a while to clear our stomach. This is the first time I tried and I think it's not difficult as seen and the greatest thing is I manage to lost 3 kg!!!
To be honest, I followed all these except I had 8-course dinner on the 2nd day, and I changed 2nd day's breastfast to honeydew instead of eating watermelon the whole day!!!


Egghead said...

wah lau... you will slowly transformed to a fruit soon :P

jazzmint said...

wahhh...fruit diet!!! selamat mencuba and hope you'll be successful :)

Kampungkai said...

i think i'll lie on my bed by the end of 4th day, being able to move my fingers only while whispering "tolong, tolong..." hahhaha!